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Oswin Gesselli

oswing gesselli painting

Over the years Oswin had many ways to bring his vision to the public, creating an art book of  his series 'The Forgotten Human' humans connected with nature, postcards with inspirational poetry, etcetera. In the middle of a national economic crisis he decided to stop his old job when he, as an artist, couldn't find any challenge anymore in the photography. He turned to art, pursue painting. In his words you have to be a bit crazy to make real art.

Gesselli is a philosopher. The first thing he did and never stopped, is to learn from special personalities, geniuses and nature itself, often mixing human history and nature in one painting to portrait a story or greater concept. It may take some time to decipher these stories as one larger painting may take even multiple months and some fair prior knowledge in the subjects to put it together. Even then one may find something not spotted before later in life as the paintings have some abstract parts to them and you have to be ready to decipher them.

To Oswin the most important thing is if his art piece has a soul in it, it has to feel 'alive' you have to feel the emotion and the energy he brought in. Art is my Voice, he says himself.  Many collectors own his pieces precisely because it stirs a deep emotion or memory within them.

"As his paintings contain formulas and maths, history and religion and who knows what more, you may want to keep a encyclopedia on you when taking in his art."

Short Bio

Oswin Gesselli was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
He is breathing creation from the day that he was born.
He is inspired by maestro's like The Universe, Nature, Animals,
Living beings,people like Leonardo Da Vinci and many more.
He has an intens connection with all that is, he sees behind the
obvious. His love for nature and animals is visible in almost
every piece.
Gesselli is renown for his Exclusive Art Series like The Series
Hidden Treasures and The Unforgettalble.

Oswin was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As many artists from childhood he always had a strong personallity and curiosity. An interest in creation and capturing nature in a picture. He was a child of nature, strong minded, but also extremely sensitive, loving nature and animals. He received his first camera when he was 7 years old.

Born in a city, raised in the countryside Oswin realised quickly that he wanted to connect people back to nature, a theme that reflected troughout his life and forms of art.

His biggest fascination is that everything is connected, the earth, the universe and every living being on this earth. He has an deep bond with animals, people and nature. Most fascinating is the fact that he learned that our human brain can be a receiver, but also a transmitter.

"He had been breathing creation from the day that he was born, studying how things work technical as a kid and then later moving on to turn his hobby of photographing into  a professional photo studio."

About the artworks
He only uses the highest quality materials, top quality paint,
which he, like all the old masters, crafted himself.
He is using the earth's highest quality pigments.
Original painting, one of a kind.
The edges of this artwork are painted, ready to hang on the wall.
The most beautiful coat of varnish is used to protect this artwork
for dust and UV.
Mostly signed at the front "Oswin" and bottem/side "Gesselli/ Year".
Each original painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Ships worldwide in a wooden craft, every artwork will be sent
with the best materials and protection.

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