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   Leonardo Da Vinci
      Portrait painting - 80 x 100 cm.
- Price
39,000 euro
   Free worldwide shipping

- Dimensions
80 x 100 cm |  31,5"x 39,4"

About this painting


More to discover, more to be fascinated by.
It's in your hand to discover beyond the first impression.

This portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci is hiding some of his great art and
ideas. He is a maestro and a source of inspiration to me.   He also worked
double layered. His work contained many hidden layers of significance.
You think you know a painting, but you keep discovering something new
in it. Fabulous man.
After 500 years it still fascinates people, what he ment by
his hidden treasures in a work. He was a genius. He was way ahead of
his time. To honor him and make him visible I made this portrait.
Now he's always around...looking over my shoulder.

Portrait painting LEONARDO DA VINCI with hidden images in his beard and in the background of the painting
Leonardo Da Vinci

- Materials
He only uses the highest quality materials, top quality paint, which he, like all the old masters, crafted himself. He is using the earth's highest quality pigments.  
- Details
Original painting, one of a kind. The edges of this artwork are painted, ready to hang on the wall. The most beautiful coat of varnish is used to protect this artwork for dust and UV. This painting is signed at the front "Oswin" and bottem/side "Gesselli/ Year". This original painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity. We ship worldwide, every artwork will be sent with the best materials and protection.

© 2019 Oswin Gesselli, all rights reserved.

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