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Amor Vincit Omnia
Love Conquers All

Man Of The Forest
Art series:
The Unforgettable
King Of The Jungle
Art series:
The Unforgettable
Lion King
Art series:
Hidden Treasures
Black Jaguar
Art series:
The Unforgettable
Big Elephant
Art series:
The Unforgettable
We Love The Earth
Art series:
Hidden Treasures
Oswin Gesselli's art oscillates between extremes, he explores realism and vision, as well as the earthly and inter-dimensional. The Dutch artist's unique works have been widely exhibited in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands. Nature remains one of Gesselli's main sources of inspiration. Its portrayal allows for the reflection of inner thoughts and translates the power to grow beyond the surface of life .

oswing gesselli painting
Mystery Horses III
80 x 120 cm
We are Free to Delight
180 x 200 cm
Cecil The Lion King
60 x 80 cm
We are One
60 x 90 cm
Great Eagle
0 x 100 cm
150 x 150 cm
Art Enquiries
Irma Gesselli
Email: oswin@gesselli.nl
Phone: (0031) 6 3637 2440
(Also WhatsApp)

Exhibitions and Gallerys
Oswin Gesselli
Email: oswin@gesselli.nl

Email: info@gesselli.nl

Studio Address
Loeffstraat 43
5142 EN Waalwijk
The Netherlands
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